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Replacing Your Volkswagen Key

If you lose your Volkswagen key, you will require a replacement. You will have to pay the dealer and wait a long time for it.

It’s tempting to buy second-hand VW keys on the internet or from stores that sell them. But, they’re likely not able to disarm the car’s standard immobiliser system.

Battery Replacement

Modern electronic keys are more convenient and efficient than manual keys of the past. However, they will eventually be power-depleted or cease functioning. If the VW key fob isn’t responding to button presses or if the lock/unlock buttons are taking longer than usual to respond, the battery might need to be replaced.

To accomplish this task you’ll need an CR2032 battery as well as a small screwdriver. Open the key by pressing the metal button to look for the battery panel of the key, which is usually found just beneath the Volkswagen logo on the fob. Press upwards to release the panel, then press the button on the fob of your key to re-insert your battery. Make sure that the positive side of the battery is facing down.

After you’re done, put the key fob back in its place. You should be ready to embark on your next journey in Phoenixville or King of Prussia. The Suntrup Volkswagen team is happy to answer any questions you have about Car key cover Volkswagen maintenance at home, such as how to change your cabin air filter or tires. Contact us today to learn more about our auto service deals and to make an appointment at our dealership in Paradise Valley.

Emergency Key or Bayonet Key

Even older VW models have what’s referred to as an emergency key or bayonet. These keys don’t need any power to unlock your vehicle or to start the motor if you hold them below the ignition.

The disadvantage is that you do not have keyless entry or push button start. This is why it’s so important to have an extra Volkswagen key.

If your VW key isn’t working properly, it may not be due to a dead battery, but rather because it needs be programmed. It’s not necessary to bring your vehicle to a dealer to get this service. This service can be done by a locksmith for automotive use.

To program fob car keys you’ll need some things on hand. For starters you’ll need the year and type of Volkswagen key you have. You’ll require a copy of the registration or title for your vehicle.

These documents will help you save time at the dealership when you order your new VW key. You can then take your car to an auto shop for programming. In the majority of cases the process is straightforward and shouldn’t take more than an hour. When the process is completed and you’re ready to drive away from your local dealership near Pittsford and Webster with an operational key.

Key Fob Replacement

Modern VWs are equipped with key fobs which aren’t just keys; they’re high-tech anti-theft devices. When you press a button on your VW key fob the microchip inside sends a unique code to let your car know that it’s correct key to unlock and start. The key fobs also include the chip that’s used control features such as remote lock and push-button start.

If your volkswagen polo key key fob doesn’t function properly, it could require a new battery. You can identify if this is indeed the case by how frequently you have to press the lock or unlock button. If you need to press the lock/unlock button frequently then it is most likely that the battery has to be replaced.

Another possibility is that the buttons on your Volkswagen key fob have become dislodged or stuck. Because a key fob spends so much time being jostled around, this isn’t common and can be rectified by gently breaking the fob and trying to manually adjust the buttons.

If the problem is more serious the customer will need to bring the key fob to a locksmith to replace it. The dealer will need to reprogram the computer in your vehicle to recognize your key fob, if it is equipped with transponders. This is an expensive process. A locksmith can modify your computer and save you from the expense of a dealer visit.

Transponder Chip Replacement

Most VW’s built since 1995 have a transponder chip inside their keys. The chip disables the immobiliser standard, which prevents the vehicle from starting without keys. If you’ve lost the key or it was not working, Car Key Cover Volkswagen you’ll require a new Volkswagen key.

A locksmith can cut a new key that fits your Volkswagen vehicle, no matter what type of key it is (chip key fob with intelligent chip or remote with “push-to-start” or a standard key with no transponder). If you do not have a spare, they can make you one. You’ll also need to provide proof of ownership (vehicle title or registration certificate, etc.). ).

Call us immediately if you are miles away from your home and can’t locate your Volkswagen key. We will send a mobile lock technician to unlock your VW without damaging the door. This will save you time and money.

Chris was driving a Volkswagen Golf when he became locked out. He tried calling the dealer but was offered a ridiculous price and a long wait time. So Chris decided to try Pop-A Lock. We gave him an upfront estimate and an accurate time of arrival, and within 20 minutes, a locksmith showed up at his car and went to work. Chris now has an entirely functional new chip key.

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