The Unspoken Secrets Of Volkswagen Car Key Replacement


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Volkswagen Key Programming Tips

Volkswagen offers a simple method to replace keys that have stopped working or to add an additional. With a few simple tips, the process can be inexpensive and simple.

First, obtain the correct key fob. It should have a key blade that flips out or is fixed in the key fob. Then, you must gather all the necessary documents to verify ownership. Then, go to the dealership or third-party locksmith.


The immobilizer function is an anti-theft device that prevents keys that are damaged or unauthorised from being able to start the vehicle. The system detects a particular chip on each key. A VW dealer or locksmith for automobiles can program additional keys, but the process requires specific tools and software. The right tools are necessary to ensure a smooth experience. Technicians should try to reproduce the issue prior to beginning key programming. They should also search the vehicle for fault codes, look for technical service bulletins (TSBs), and test the battery inside the key fob.

A Volkswagen key that has an unprogrammed immobilizer chip will stop the engine after a couple of seconds of cranking. It doesn’t stop the alarm from sounding or unlocking doors. The key fob’s immobilizer is an additional component that is attached to the flip side of the car key. It has to be programmed on the car’s computer in order to function.

The process of adding a new key to the VW is more expensive than creating a duplicate key in the event that all the original keys are lost. The key has to be purchased from the manufacturer, and then go through a special programming process to be synchronized with the computer in the car. This can be accomplished with the help of a professional and a software tool like VagTacho or VCDS. This process is advised for vehicles with the older Immobilizer 2, and older.

Electronic Ignition

The electronic ignition feature of the key is an essential component of the anti-theft security technology in vehicles. It is activated when the key fob is placed in the ignition. It’s not a 100% secure system, however. It is susceptible to failure, which could result in your Volkswagen’s engine not working. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, including faulty key programming or a damaged car battery.

Fortunately, you can steer clear of this problem by getting your Volkswagen car key fobs programmed professionally. This process can be done by a dealer or Locksmith Volkswagen Keys. The cost for this service varies however the most common prices range from $90 to $150. Prices also vary depending on the model of your vehicle and year.

You will need your primary key to program the new VW key fob. The new key should also be able to start the vehicle’s engine. The onboard diagnostics will then recognize it as a genuine key. The immobilizer warning light will dim.

Some models require a PIN code that is three to four digits to allow onboard key programming. Some models may require a scanning tool. Locksmiths or dealers can use a scanner to program keys onboard. These tools aren’t readily available at automobile accessory stores. You’ll need purchase one from an authorized dealer or borrow one.

Keyless Entry

If you’ve lost your Volkswagen key fob, or it has a battery problem it could start but not unlock. It’s a good thing that it’s easy to fix this problem. The first step is to verify that the key fob is within the range of the vehicle. If it is you are, press and hold the lock button until the lights on the key flash for six seconds.

The key fob will now be reset to the nearest location it can be to your VW. After that, you can try to unlock your vehicle by pressing the unlock button on the key fob once more. If the car still doesn’t unlock, Locksmith Volkswagen keys you’ll need to make contact with a dealer in order to have the key programmed.

The process of getting a new Volkswagen key programmed can be expensive. You should get estimates from several dealers before selecting the one that is best for you. Be sure to verify if the dealer charges for key programming as well as for the new key itself.

Getting an extra Volkswagen key is a good idea for a variety of reasons. You might need an additional key in the event your primary key gets lost or stolen. If you have a spare key that you would like to program it to ensure it will work with your Volkswagen, here are some simple steps to follow.

Remote Start

The remote-start systems of Volkswagen are different from the previous generation of key fobs that communicated using radio waves. Instead they connect to your vehicle via secure wireless connections using the cellular technology. VW Atlas, Jetta or Passat will know that you are within range to activate features like keyless start or push-button entry. It’s as easy as opening the app and connecting your smartphone to your vehicle and pressing the button.

Before you do this, make sure your Volkswagen is parked and that the driver’s door is closed. This will ensure that only the right key is being used to access your vehicle’s features. If the key is not recognized the dashboard will display an error message. This method is only compatible with newer VW models equipped with an RFID sensor ring mounted on the steering wheel. These models require the secret pin be programmed.

To program a new key fob close the door of the driver’s cabin and remove the key fob that is the primary one. Press the lock button on the new keyfob. This will send a signal to the vehicle that the key is a functional key. The key will start sending signals to enable you to unlock the door to your driver’s side and also start your car remotely. Some have reported that this is only effective if there is clear sight to the car, but some are successful even in crowded parking spaces.

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