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Volkswagen Polo Remote Key Price

The Volkswagen Polo is a small car that is available in hatchback, saloon and estate versions. It is renowned for its value.

If you have a Polo key fob that has suffered damage from exposure to clean tap water, you can try cleaning the electronic chip with isopropyl alcohol or an electrical cleaner. This should restore functionality even if the battery remains dead.


No matter if you are a novice or an experienced car owner, having spare VW keys is always a good idea. These keys can be used to open doors and How To Get A New Volkswagen Key windows or remotely start your car. There are a variety of reasons that your key fob could stop working. This could be due an inactive battery or water damage. If this is the scenario, you’ll have to see a professional for reprogramming.

The most efficient way to determine whether your key fob is running batteries that are dead is to test the button on it. When you press the button it should flash or light up. If it doesn’t it’s time to replace the battery. A new CR2032 button battery is available at any auto store and is easy to install. Make sure the new battery has the same voltage and size as the old one. It is recommended to leave the job to a professional if you are unsure of how to get a new volkswagen key to replace your battery.

If your Volkswagen Polo won’t lock and unlock after you’ve changed the coin battery it could be because of an issue with its internal chip. It can be costly to fix, but it’s possible. Keep the key in a safe location and only use it when absolutely necessary. This will prevent the key from being accidentally pressed and causing the alarm to sound or the window to be opened without intention.


I recently spoke to an entrepreneur who was trying to purchase an electronic key fob to go with his Volkswagen and was astonished by the cost. The dealer wanted more than R10K for a single key fob. I was able to get the key fob from a local locksmith at just a fraction of the cost.

A transponder, a chip built into the key fob, is an unique code for your vehicle. When the key fob inserted into the ignition, it transmits an information signal to inform the car’s computer you have the correct key. The computer then kicks off the engine and unlocks the door locks.

It’s also the technology that allows you to drive right through turnpike tollbooths without stopping to pay. It’s a quick, but effective method of adding additional security to your vehicle.

The cost of the key fob, and the equipment required to program it is greater than cutting a regular blank key. (Like the JMD Handy Baby). The Philips Crypto code transponder is more expensive puerly since the software like AutoCode, CodesExpress, or InstaCode costs per key code or annual subscriptions. However, you can still duplicate keys using key code generators that are free applications like JMD Handy Baby or MiroClone and the free key bitting program called AutoCode – VIN to Key Code Generator and Bitting application.


The key fob of a Volkswagen Polo allows you to control many features. You can open and close the windows, and open and shut the sunroofs and remotely start your car. It’s also a useful tool to prevent theft. If your key fob does not work is an indication that the battery is dead or that there is an issue with the transmitter inside the car. The good news is that you can generally fix this yourself.

A defective coin-cell battery is the most common cause of an unresponsive VW Polo key fob. It’s easy to replace the battery in the coin cell in a matter of minutes. However, it is important to select a new battery that is identical to the old one to avoid damage to the transmitter.

A damaged or dead antenna could also result in the loss of a VW Polo key remote. Dirt or debris in the antenna coil of the car can hinder the transmission of radio waves to and from your key fob. Connect the diagnostic tool to an OBDII port and then test it. The tool will ask you for certain information, like the model, make, and model of your vehicle and model, as well as the engine type.

You might also try using a spare VW key to see whether it works. If the key does not work, you can contact the dealer to request that it be reprogrammed or a replacement. You should check the owner’s manual of your car for instructions on how to program volkswagen key to reprogramme a VW key.


For VW Polo owners who are looking to buy an extra remote There are a few options. You can either purchase an original key fob from the dealer, or they can have it cut by a locksmith who specializes in Volkswagen keys. The cost can range between $50-$150, and the key has to be programmed with the car.

The volkswagen car key replacement cost Polo is equipped with an electronic system that stops the car from starting if the isn’t able to find the correct key. This is known as an immobilizer and is made to stop thieves from wringing hot the vehicle. The immobilizer is an RFID chip that’s integrated into the key.

Locksmiths have also had to contend with this technology which has made vehicles more difficult to get. VW dealers do not make the RFID code readily available to car locksmiths, so they need to use a software known as VCDS to get information from the transponder.

Replacing the battery of a Volkswagen key fob is easy and affordable, however it could be risky should you make a mistake. To ensure that your fob isn’t damaged it is advised to replace the battery with a certified Volkswagen service center. To prevent the possibility of damage, you’ll need a flathead driver, a brand new battery (CR2032), and some tape. You’ll need to remove the cover on the back of the key fob. Then, you have to unfold the key bit and remove the cap on the door handle of the door for the driver.

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