Why Is This Integrated Fridge So Beneficial? During COVID-19


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Choosing an Integrated Fridge For Your Kitchen Remodel

A fridge that is integrated sits flush with your counter and cabinetry to seamlessly blend into your kitchen design. With panel-ready options and integrated handles, they can also provide greater flexibility in customization.

These features are the reason why a lot of homeowners opt for an integrated fridge instead of freestanding models. This style of fridge can have some disadvantages.


The integrated fridge-freezers are in line with the kitchen cabinets and provide a sleek look that looks like an extension of the cabinets. They are ideal for kitchens that have a modern or country cottage style. However, there are a few things to consider before making the decision to purchase an integrated refrigerator.

One of the biggest factors to consider is the size. Refrigerators with integrated features are available in different widths to accommodate various kitchen sizes. They are also generally higher than freestanding refrigerators and allow you to store more food items in them without the need for a second fridge.

Another thing to take into consideration is the depth. Freestanding fridges are typically counter-depth, integrated fridges sit higher than this. This may limit the range of storage options available, since they aren’t able to fit into all existing kitchen cabinets.

Finally, you must be aware of the door’s design. Refrigerators that are integrated can be equipped with either a fixed hinge or a sliding hinge. It’s important to note this since it can affect how the fridge’s doors open and close. You’ll also have to decide if you want a 50:50 split or a 60/40 split, as this will impact how much space is allotted to the freezer and fridge sections.


There are a variety of styles available for refrigerators in the kitchen today. Certain refrigerators are distinguished by a color or panel that makes them look unique and others have a sleek exterior that blends into the rest of the room’s design. If you prefer a more discrete appearance or a built in refrigerator could be the best choice for your home. Our team at Spencer’s TV & Appliance is here to help you find the perfect integrated refrigerator for your kitchen renovation.

Integrated refrigerators are designed to fit flush with your cabinets, making them a great choice for those looking to create a seamless kitchen aesthetic. They have a door panel that is a match to your cabinetry which means you won’t be able to know where the refrigerator’s finish and the cabinets begin. These are also great for those with small kitchens as well as open-plan living spaces as they help to make the space more organized and keep it feeling streamlined.

The most common type of integrated refrigerator is the bottom freezer. This model allows for larger items such as meat, fish, and vegetables to be kept without losing storage space. It has a bonus middle drawer which you can use to store wine or charcuterie prior to guests arriving. The drawer comes with a separate temperature control so you can set the temperature according to your preference.

The French-door design is another well-liked integrated refrigerator. This type of fridge has a sleek stainless finish that matches the kitchen cabinets. This is an excellent option for homes with modern designs. It has a handleless front door which gives it a touch of luxurious. You can also personalize your refrigerator by picking different colors and finishes.


Integrated refrigerators are integrated into the existing cabinetry or fridge housing of your kitchen. This creates a seamless appearance without any protrusions. These types of fridges are an ideal choice for those looking to achieve a modern or high-end kitchen style that block the appliance from the view of. These fridges are also quieter and more efficient than freestanding models.

You can choose from a variety of storage options like 50:50 models, which offer a similar fridge and freezer space, allowing you to store everything from fresh produce and leftovers to frozen meats and ice cream. You can also choose 60/40 splits, or 70/30 models that have bigger freezers and smaller fridge.

Many refrigerators with integrated refrigeration come with a drawer for storing meat and fish at 0°C which enhances preservation and prolongs shelf life. The drawers for vegetables and fruits can be controlled by humidity, which will ensure that your food stays fresh and healthy.

Some models also feature an enclosed freezer compartment which helps to protect food from frost and ice crystals. This kind of appliance is perfect if you enjoy baking and freezing, or cooking from scratch and want to ensure that your home-cooked creations keep as long as possible.

Another great feature is the option to create a separate freezer’ drawer for large bowls, platters and containers of takeaway food. This will protect your food from freezer damage and decrease the necessity to defrost frequently.


Contrary to freestanding fridges and freestanding units integrated refrigerators aren’t easily moved when you remodel your kitchen or move. They are integrated into the kitchen cabinets and are designed to blend with the rest of the decor in your home.

This type of fridge is typically utilized in kitchens with a stylised design or homes that require a luxurious, modern aesthetic. The fridge is hidden behind doors for cabinets constructed of wood or stainless steel that is brushed to blend with the decor. Smart home apps can be used to connect your refrigerator and other appliances so that they can communicate, Fridge-freezer respond to commands, and become part of a bigger home control system.

While integrated refrigerators can be stunning in terms of design however, they have a few disadvantages. They are more expensive than freestanding refrigerators. This difference has nothing to do with have to do with mechanical systems or superior performance. It’s due to the fact that integrated refrigerators are targeted at a luxury market who are willing to pay more for the high-end design and functionality.

Moreover, the installation of an integrated refrigerator could be expensive, since it requires adjustments to your kitchen. This includes removing or cutting any fillers that are in the way and installing an bridging cabinet above the fridge to accommodate its door frame. Typically, integrated fridges are larger than freestanding fridges and can leave an opening at the top. This could require you to install an over-the-under counter fridge cabinet to cover the gap and provide an aesthetic solution. If you’re satisfied with the layout of your kitchen as it is, this is not an issue. If you’d like to alter it in the future you might need to add a cross-over cabinet to hide the gap.


Refrigerators with integrated freezers are more expensive than freestanding models because of their sleek appearance and long-lasting installation. This is a result of the design of cooling technology that can fit in a smaller space and also the fact that a lot of homeowners are willing to pay more for a fridge with a premium design that doesn’t clash with the style of their kitchen. Adding to this they require more expert installation than other fridges, which can also add a considerable amount to the final cost.

Integrated fridge freezers also provide greater energy efficiency. Because the exterior of these models is concealed and well-insulated, they keep cold air inside, resulting in fewer temperature fluctuations and lower energy usage. Additionally, because the doors are set, they don’t protrude from the cabinetry, which could create a more spacious and open-air feel inside.

The freezer area of a fridge integrated is usually smaller than those available on standalone models, but it can still offer plenty of storage space to store fresh food and frozen items. In addition, many integrated refrigerator models feature 50:50 splits that permit equal storage of refrigeration and freezing space.

The benefits of integrated refrigerators are huge. They provide a seamless appearance that blends with custom cabinetry, which helps to create a more harmonious kitchen layout. They also offer the highest capacity for storage and flexibility, and can be fitted with a range of features that enhance the functionality. It’s no surprise that they’re an increasingly sought-after choice for luxury appliance buyers today. It is essential to take into consideration the pros and cons of each prior to making a choice.

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